Frequently asked questions


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When will my order be sent?

  • orders are sent from Kyneton via Australia Post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

  • It takes 2 - 3 weeks to create your product if it is not in stock. You will be notified when it is ready to be sent.

Will you send my order with insurance?

  • Yes. Always.

How much will it cost for my order to be packed and sent?

  • Pick up from the studio in Pastoria East or from Emma’s folks in Clifton Hill is free.

  • Flat rate shipping is $20, with each additional piece costing $4

Do your glazes have lead in them?

  • No. All glazes used in the studio are food safe.

Can I put your pieces in the dishwasher?

  • Yes you can, and Emma certainly does. Even the du Fermier platters! However, you will reduce the life of your glazes by doing so.

Can I put your pieces in the oven?

  • Yes. The studio uses stoneware and porcelain clays that are oven proof, but you will risk damage if you change the temperature too quickly, for example from the fridge to the oven.

I need a piece in a hurry! Can you do it?

  • please contact us to discuss your needs.