Kombucha on tap crock

Kombucha on tap crock


The handcrafted porcelain crock is designed to be beautiful and functional. The thick ceramic walls keep your brew at a constant temperature. The lid has either holes or cut-outs to give your mother the air she needs to ferment and the high rim under the lid lets you band the muslin to keep the vinegar fly’s at bay. The arch below the tap directs the sediment into the feet, and the tap is set so you always leave enough brew to kick start your next batch.

Standard option - raw or honey glaze

Please contact us if you would like to customise your crock to your surrounds.

The crock is glazed inside with a clear gloss and comes with muslin and a stainless steel spigot.

Capacity - 9 litres

Oval base - 22 x 17cm

Height with lid - 33cm

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