Sauerkraut crock

Sauerkraut crock


The handcrafted porcelain crock has been designed to be beautiful and functional. It incorporates an inbuilt airlock that is filled with water; to allow the gas produced in fermentation to bubble out and stops the outside air from coming in to potentially ruin your batch. Of course it can be used to brew anything that is better fermented with an airlock. 

Standard options - ‘raw’ or ‘fennel flower’ detail

Please contact us if you would like to customise your crock to suit your surrounds. 

The crock is glazed inside with a clear gloss and comes with custom weights hand-built in stoneware clay and a hand turned European Beech stamper/muddler

Capacity - 3.5 litres / 2 large cabbages

Oval base - 18 x 13.5cm

Height with lid - 25.5cm

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