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Tableware / Commissions


may it be used everyday

to bring joy in the sharing of food

Each ceramic piece begins as a seed of an idea. Prototypes are made, fired and tested before the finished product can be enjoyed.

Both food and clay require a special vision to see beyond the raw product to a transformation by hand, heart and heat.

Food and clay need each other.

There’s alchemy.

Imagine your plate without food or your food without plate.

This is why ceramicist love working with chefs.

All Pom-me-granite tableware is slip cast or press moulded in Australian porcelain or stoneware. It may look delicate, but it has been designed to withstand the rigorous requirements of a commercial kitchen.

Would you like tableware designed

and made to suit your menu and venue?

CONTACT US to discuss creating a ceramic ‘canvas’ for your culinary creations.

Commissioned handcrafted Pom-me-granite tableware:

  • provides excellent value for money

  • elevates your brand

  • enhances customer dining experience

  • is a unique expression of your personal and professional style

  • beats mass-produced crockery hands down

Pom-me-granite can also provide a machine-milled stamp of your brand for impressing into your tableware.

Commission process

Initial client contact with request.

  • Discussion of purpose, shape, colour and budget.

  • Design, development and prototyping, with images and messages to confirm direction.

  • Production begins when everyone is happy.

You can negotiate exclusivity or agree to the studio sale of production pieces.

There will be no charge for the design and prototyping phase if production begins.

If you do not proceed with production, you will be charged for the design and prototype process at $80 per hour.