Cheese forms

Cheese forms

from 35.00

Giving the modern cheesemaker a choice besides plastic.

Designed for the natural cheesemaker, these ceramic forms are made with a porcelain clay for strength, fired to a lower temperature for slight porosity, and intentionally left unglazed. Seen first hand with David Asher, author of The Art of Natural Cheesemaking, these ceramic cheese forms used alongside plastic ones simply makes a better cheese. Wash them in whey at the end of your cheesemaking session, leave them to dry and store on the shelf until needed. The beneficial microbes absorbed into the form will have gone to sleep but, rest assured, will wake up when you use it again, making your next cheese even tastier.

Brick - $35

Length - 10.5cm

Width - 6.5cm

Height - 5.5cm

Crottin - $45

Diameter - 8cm

Height - 113cm

Pyramid - $50

Top - 11cm

Base - 4cm

Height - 13.5cm

Camembert - $50

Diameter - 13.5cm

Height - 10.5cm

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