Miso crock

Miso crock


The miso crock is the newest offering to the fermenting vessel line-up and she will safely hold your miso for a year as it ferments and develops into the nourishing flavour rich product you can use everyday.

The lid doubles as a plate when not in use, and your crock comes with a small ceramic cup with holes in the rim, for imbedding into the top of your miso to collect tamari. Amazing!

Like many of the fermented foods that have gained favour in recent years, making miso is a beautiful transformative process best done in the company of others. ‘Ferment for Good’ by the fabulous Sharon Flynn has a miso recipe, and you will need 1.5kgs of dried soy beans to fill the crock.

Made using porcelain clay with a clear gloss glaze on the inside and a black matte glaze outside.

Capacity - 8 litres

Diameter - 22cm

Height with lid - 21.5cm

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